Exploring in the winter!

A couple days ago I decided to do some winter exploring in the Northern part of Algonquin Park (Kiosk). I was surprised to see the road plowed all the way in to the access point, as a result I can see myself spending allot of time snowshoeing here in the next couple of months. It was fun checking out some summer canoe campsites that I haven’t been to previously. As a matter of fact I plan on heading back today and possibly crossing the lake and checking out some areas I haven’t yet explored (even in the summer months). I’m hoping to do at least one winter camping trip in this area this year, I have never camped during the winter before but I sure am looking forward to doing so!

Last canoe trip for 2016!

On November 17 I went for my last canoe trip for 2016. With abnormally warm temperatures it was a great way to end the season! I spent the most part of two days outside in just a t-shirt soaking up the sun, temperatures were in the mid teens and the wind was virtually non-existent. Just two days after I finished this trip 10cm+ of snow fell in Algonquin.

I captured this photo from a campsite on Crotch Lake (Algonquin Park) in the early afternoon while I was relaxing by the water enjoying the stillness of my surroundings.


And here is a shot just after sun-down from the same location.


I can’t wait to get back in the canoe in April of 2017 (hopefully)!

Cow Moose

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this beautiful cow moose while she was feeding on the last bit of foliage before winter begins. I followed her around for close to an hour as she ate, she then proceeded trot down to the lake for a drink of water to wash her breakfast down.